New in 2020: No copays for the first three pediatric sick visits

If you have children, you've been there. Your child spikes a fever or has a headache that won't go away. Suddenly, your world narrows to one thought, "make it better." In moments like these, the last thing anyone wants to worry about is the cost of care — especially if money is tight. 

AllWays Health Partners can't keep kids from getting hurt or sick. But in 2020, we're doing something to help remove some of the stress from moments like the ones described above. Starting on January 1, many AllWays Health Partners plans will include $0 cost sharing for the first three sick visits with and in-network PCP.

We're taking the benefit a step further by also offering $0 cost sharing for the first three visits with an in-network behavioral health provider. That's a total of six $0 visits per member age 18 and younger. For some families, this will be a game changer, removing the financial stress during times that have enough stress already. 

The success of our Care Complement benefits, which removes cost sharing for certain treatments for pain or chronic conditions, indicates that removing financial barriers makes it easier to get care. Among our large group accounts, about 70% are adding Care Complement benefits to their plans

Now, the new pediatric care benefits included with many of our plans will help ensure that our pediatric members can always get the care they need. 

As always, our provider portal will give you instant access to your patients' specific benefit information. 

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