Care Complement's smart benefits are a hit with employers

Our Senior Vice President of Sales, Vin Capozzi , recently wrote about the success of our Care Complement benefits, which give members access to certain treatments for chronic disease and pain management at no out-of-pocket cost to members. By removing cost sharing, providers and patients can think differently about how to better manage chronic conditions, resulting in improved health outcomes.

Currently, about 70% of our large-group commercial accounts are choosing to add Care Complement to their employee health plans. 

What's included with Care Complement benefits?
Patients with Care Complement can access the following for $0:

Coverage for acupuncturist visits
$0 cost for the first six acupuncture visits (20 visit limit)

$0 cost for pain management therapies
No cost for the first six visits to a chiropractor
No cost for the first six visits for physical or occupational therapy

No copays for 11 common prescription medications
$0 copays for 11 medications that treat common chronic conditions like
high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and depression

No cost for cardiac rehabilitation therapy
Research has shown that cardiac rehabilitation services help to improve
recovery after a heart attack—so we removed members’ cost barriers to
these treatments.

No cost for services that decrease diabetes complications
No cost sharing for certain services that reduce the risk of complications
from diabetes, including an annual routine eye exam, diabetic education,
and nutritional counseling

No-cost treatments for certain substance use disorders
$0 cost for medication-assisted therapy (MAT) office visits
$0 cost for certain MAT prescriptions
Free recovery coaching for members who have developed substance
use disorders

Read Vin Capozzi's full blog post to learn more about Care Complement sales. 

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