Our top 5 health insurance resources for employers in 2020

With the end of the year almost upon us, we’re taking a moment to look back at the posts we’ve shared throughout 2020. This year-end roundup highlights some of the resources that employers have found most helpful, both related to the pandemic and other important health care topics. Here are five of AllWays Insider's of top 2020 blog posts for employers.

1. Supporting your employees' health during COVID-19

It’s no surprise that our top post of the year was a guide to supporting employee health during the pandemic. While this blog was originally published in late April and much has changed since then, many of the health care tools, behavioral health resources, and food assistance programs we shared are still highly relevant today. If you’re looking for ways to support your employees in these areas or are looking for assistance yourself, this post may be a good place to start.

2. FSA vs. HRA vs. HSA comparison guide

Many employers and their employees often ask about the differences between FSAs, HRAs, and HSAs. This blog post explains each of these arrangements and contains a helpful chart that compares their funding, ownership, tax advantages, eligible expenses, and more. This can be a useful tool for employers deciding which option they may want to offer alongside their health insurance plan, or for employees looking to get a better understanding of their employer-sponsored benefits.

3. Why employee health insurance literacy matters [Free guide]

Even under normal circumstances, a basic understanding of common health insurance terms is important. This year, health insurance literacy became even more essential thanks to questions about COVID-19 care and treatment and the increased use of telemedicine. This guide for employers explains why health literacy matters, how employers can help, and a glossary of important health insurance terms for employees to know.

4. How to support your employees’ mental health with mobile apps

The pandemic has created a surge in behavioral health issues, including anxiety, depression, stress, and burnout. As a result, employee expectations around these issues are changing. Many people are looking for support from their employer, both personally and through their health benefits. One way many employers are choosing to address this issue is by offering mental health apps. This blog post discusses the importance of this issue and includes app suggestions for both individual users and businesses.

5. How meditation helps people cope during challenging times

Long-term stress has a high impact on both physical and behavioral health. To cope with the ongoing stress posed by the pandemic, many people are turning to meditation and mindfulness techniques. This blog discusses the different types of meditation and their heath benefits and includes meditation resources for people looking to incorporate these techniques into their daily routine.

We hope you find the AllWays Insider helpful, both for business needs and yourself. On behalf of the blog team, we wish you a safe and healthy new year ahead.

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