Get the nutrition guide that has providers talking

We've given away over 40,000 copies of our popular nutrition guide, "Thumbs Up for Healthy Eating." So it's no surprise that providers have been asking for it since it went out of print. 

Easy-to-understand information about healthy eating
What makes "Thumbs Up for Healthy Eating" so popular? It's full of simple, actionable information about making good food choices including tips for reading labels, choosing the right portion sizes, and building a healthy meal.

"Thumbs Up for Healthy Eating" fills an important gap. Providers report that it can be hard to find reliable tools to educate patients about nutrition. The guide offers common-sense information about a variety of healthy-eating topics, including: 

  • Weight management
  • Blood pressure control
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes prevention

How to get the free nutrition guide 

 You can order free copies of the guide online. It's available in English and Spanish, and we'll ship your order right to your practice. 


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