Infographic: The state of employee wellbeing

Employees have negative view of overall wellbeing, most still find employer wellness programs valuable.

Alight Solutions found employees are taking positive steps when it comes to their health and wellbeing but most have a negative view of the state of their physical, mental/emotional, financial, social or career wellbeing.
However, four out of five rate their employers' wellbeing programs as valuable and believe that these tools and employer support will help them make progress. The survey reveals:
  • 61% of employees say they're doing everything they can to promote and maintain their health, up nine percentage points since 2014;
  • 62% have a less-than-positive perception of the current state of their wellbeing;
  • 55% feel in control of their health, down seven percentage points from 2018; and
  • 36% believe that a truly healthy life requires more time, attention and/or money than they are willing to spend, up 15 percentage points from 2014.


See full infographic. 

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