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As April approaches, brokers are helping their clients make a final decision about which plans to select with the most value. To help you keep track of some of the new plans and benefits in Q2, we’ve updated our small group health plan comparison chart. This free chart is a great resource for getting a full picture of the value of a plan, beyond just premiums.

Our updates for Q2 were based on broker feedback and rates. We encourage you to take a look at what's changed and how these changes compare to the plans you're currently quoting.

Start comparing plans: Q2 2020 health plan comparison chart

PlanCompareQ2-2020 blog graphic

AllWays Health Partners 2020 small group plan comparison preview

About the chart

This worksheet is part of an ongoing series of plan comparisons we’ve created to help keep up with a rapidly changing market and take some of the complexity out of choosing a small group health insurance plan. The first version was released in October 2019, followed shortly by an update to reflect 2020 plan designs.

The comparison includes information about member cost sharing for some of the most commonly used services, like primary care visits and prescription medications, along with unique features of each plan. The plans included in the chart are organized by comparable popular plans ordered from lower to higher premium. By looking at premiums in addition to cost sharing and other benefits, you’ll get a clearer picture a plan’s overall value.

How to use the chart

This chart is designed to be flexible to meet your plan comparison needs. If you don’t see a plan you’re interested in here, it’s easy to add in a row and fill out that plan’s information. You can also add columns if there are other features or considerations you’d like to compare that we haven’t included.

Other ways to use this chart include:

  • As a starting point for your own comparisons
  • To share key plan differences with your clients
  • To decide with your clients how premium, network access, and benefits come together to determine the total value of a plan

For more information about the chart, including how to understand the benefits we included, you can check out our previous post, How do Massachusetts’ small employer health plans stack up?

Ready to start? Download your free copy of the worksheet on our Massachusetts health plan comparison page now. You can also subscribe to the blog and be the first to know when we release the next version with updates for Q3.

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