Commitment to accessible care: Opposing changes to public charge laws

Recently, the Trump administration finalized its changes to the federal immigration policy known as the "public charge rule" for legal immigrants in need of public assistance. According to the National Immigration Law Center, The term “public charge” is used in immigration law to describe someone who is dependent on the government support. Though the term is currently in use, the proposed new rule would broaden the definition. These changes would mean that enrollment in public benefits, such as Medicaid, and food and housing assistance, would be a reason to deny permanent citizenship to the United States. 
As an organization committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and ensuring accessible health care coverage, AllWays Health Partners strongly opposes this proposal. We believe that these changes will negatively impact the communities we serve by deterring people from receiving the care and coverage they need. This is a view that we share with Partners HealthCare.

When the administration proposed its changes late last year, Partners submitted a formal letter of opposition to the Department of Homeland Security. You can read this letter and learn more on Connect with Partners.

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