Prescription delivery tips for patients

Massachusetts has entered Phase 2 of Governor Baker's reopening plan, but some of your patients may still prefer to have groceries and other essentials delivered. Today we're sharing tips to help your patients get their necessary medications without going into a pharmacy.

Medication home delivery

Mail order was common for maintenance medications even before COVID-19, but the demand for home delivery has increased dramatically in recent months. Many pharmacies have risen to meet the demand, offering same-day delivery for maintenance medication, urgently-needed prescription drugs, and over-the-counter medications. Websites like GoodRx, PharmacyChecker, and Blink Health can help your patients compare drug prices across pharmacies to find the best deal. A 2017 survey conducted by the National Community Pharmacists Association found that 71% of independent pharmacies reported that they provided deliveries, so once your patients find their medication, they’ll likely be able to get it delivered right to their home. Pharmacies are also working to implement no contact delivery options, advocating for early and emergency prescription refills and trying to waive signature requirements for non-controlled substances. You can read the AllWays Health Partners COVID-19 drug policies on our provider FAQ.

Curbside pickup or drive-through pharmacies

In addition to deliveries, many pharmacies have drive-throughs and/or are offering curbside pickup to get people their medication. Although the risk is reduced this way, it is not completely eliminated, so it’s still a good idea for your patients to wear a mask while picking up their medication and to wash their hands once they’ve gotten home.

Calling ahead

It’s often a good idea for your patients to call their pharmacy before going there in person. If they have a question about their medication, calling is generally the most reliable way to get in touch with a pharmacist, though some pharmacies also offer emailing and texting as contact methods. If your patients get their prescriptions mailed to them, they may already have an option to consult a pharmacist over the phone. They should look for this option when searching for a delivery service.

In addition, your patients can call to get over-the-counter medications delivered as well. Many AllWays Health Partners plans include coverage for common OTC medications with a prescription. OTC delivery is a safer choice for any patients who have COVID-19 symptoms.

If your patient has troubling symptoms such as shortness of breath or experiences any other medical emergency, urge them to seek emergency care immediately.

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